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Cabinet furniture of LLC “Starokostiantynivska Furniture Factory” is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DSTU GOST 16371:2016 Furniture. General specifications, DSTU 4414:2005 “Custom-made furniture” with the use of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.


1. Before using, carefully read the following information:

- The new product may have a characteristic smell of materials used in the manufacture of furniture, which disappears after a while;

- Before starting the assembling of cabinet furniture, make sure that there are no damaged elements in the package and elements that have a factory defect;

- It is forbidden to make constructive changes to the elements, even with the signs of factory defects;

Furniture assembling should be based on the assembling scheme.


2. Operating conditions and/or storage of cabinet furniture 

 - Do not expose furniture to direct sunlight. Such effect leads to changes in the color characteristics of the surface;

- Furniture should be used and/or stored in covered storage facilities under normal conditions - air temperature not lower than +10 С and not higher than +40 С, relative humidity from 45% to 80%;

- Furniture should not be placed near damp walls and in the wet premises;

- Furniture should be placed no closer than 0.5 m from the source of heat;

- Do not allow cooling of furniture below -25 С; when cooled below the specified temperature, flaking and peeling of a coating, plastic, paintwork and banding is possible;

- Do not allow excess moisture to get on the furniture;

- Furniture should be transported only disassembled.


3. Operating rules:

- Do not allow the use of furniture for storing wet or damp things (in particular wet clothes);

- Do not allow contact of furniture with hot objects (iron, dishes with boiling water, etc.) or prolonged exposure to thermal radiation (light from powerful lamps);

- To avoid scratches, dents, cracks, etc. it is necessary to protect furniture from impacts of solid heavy objects;

- Do not put on the furniture sharp, heavy and stabbing objects, which may cause damage;

- Do not allow contact of alkalis, acids, solvents and other aggressive substances with the surface of the furniture;

- When using products with glass doors, shelves, and mirrors - their use with signs of cracks and chips is not recommended - it can lead to injuries;

- After 6 months of operation, some mechanical parts of the furniture (hinges, locks, etc.) require adjustment, tightening;

- It is not allowed to move furniture in a loaded state. For any movement, it is necessary to free furniture, both from things and from removable panels, boxes or other elements;

- To evenly distribute the load on the shelves, it is recommended to place any items in the cabinets according to the following principle: the heaviest - closer to the edges (supports), light-weighted - closer to the center;

- To ensure better stability of tall products - it is recommended to load the lower sections;

- When using drawers in cabinet furniture, it is necessary to take into account the load on the drawer mechanisms - no more than 5 kg in boxes on roller guides, no more than 16 kg in boxes on ball guides;

- It is not recommended to use furniture as a ladder for screwing in light bulbs or hanging curtains;

 - It is not recommended to move the furniture on the floor or lift it by the top cover for carrying.


4. Furniture care maintenance recommendations:

- It is recommended to periodically wipe the parts made of laminated chipboard with a dry soft clean cloth (such as flannel, woolen cloth, plush);

- It is recommended to use a soap solution or a special detergent for furniture to remove dirt and stains from the surface, after which it is necessary to wipe the product with a soft dry cloth;

- To clean glass and mirrors, it is recommended to use products designed to clean these materials. If degreasing is necessary, it is recommended to use aqueous solutions of denatured alcohol;

- It is recommended to wipe the MDF parts with a wet soft cloth using special detergents (chlorine-free) or a soap solution. After wiping with these solutions, it is necessary to wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth. Do not use aggressive or abrasive detergents and materials. It is not recommended to rub facades, especially covered with a glossy cover, as it leads to formation of the small scratches visible in the reflected light;

- Chrome parts should be wiped with a dry or slightly wet cloth without the use of abrasive detergents;

- It is forbidden to use abrasive pastes and powders, as well as chemically aggressive liquids for cleaning varnish surfaces;

- It is forbidden to use products containing alcohol, silicone or aggressive cleaning chemicals (acids or alkalis), strong solvents (petroleum products, acetone);

- It is forbidden to use abrasive and scraper tools for cleaning;

- It is forbidden to use different cleaning agents at the same time;

- It is forbidden to use bleach.



Recommendations for Buyers 

1. General provisions

- Warranty service of the product is carried out by the Manufacturer on the terms and conditions that are determined by the Civil Code, the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, only if there is a sales receipt and a correctly completed warranty card, which contains the name of the product, model, date of sale, seller’s stamp and the signature of an authorized person, as well as providing the proper use, in accordance with the requirements set out in the Operating Rules attached to the furniture;

- The Manufacturer guarantees free elimination of manufacturing defects caused by unsatisfactory quality of raw materials, materials or violation of manufacturing technology;

- If any defects are found in the product, the Buyer must contact the representatives of the Seller at the place of purchase of the product;

- Claims for the quality of the product, which is under warranty service, will be considered only upon presentation of the product with defects, a sales receipt and a warranty card for the product with the necessary notes;

- Warranty obligations include repair or replacement (if repair is not possible) of faulty parts, mechanisms and low-quality materials that have manufacturing defects and are associated with warranty repair;

- Warranty repairs are carried out within the terms specified by law. In case of absence of the materials necessary for the repair at the enterprise, its period may be increased by the time of delivery of materials by the supplier, while the terms are previously agreed with the Buyer. When performing warranty repairs, the warranty period is extended only for the time the product is being repaired.

2. Warranty period

- For cabinet furniture, the Manufacturer has determined the following warranty periods:

24 months for cabinet furniture used in residential premises; 18 months for cabinet furniture used in public places;

- The warranty period for the above obligations starts from the date of purchase of the product by the Buyer. 


Requirements for buyers

1. Conditions for refusal to fulfill warranty obligations

The Manufacturer reserves the right to refuse warranty repairs and classify them as paid service in the following cases:

- the presence of damages caused by natural disasters and force majeure circumstances;

- while maintaining and operating furniture in damp premises;

- defects caused by improper use of furniture care products;

- in the presence of thermal or chemical damage, mechanical damage;

- non-observance of the maintenance and operating rules (instructions) of furniture, which are attached;

- damage to the product, which is caused by deliberate or erroneous actions of the consumer;

- damage to the product as a result of changes in its design;

- the presence of traces of outside interference in the product or its independent repair, as well as the implementation of repairs by organizations, enterprises, individuals who are not authorized by the seller or manufacturer;

- if the elementary rules of use were not followed and damage occurred due to external interference with the product, chemical or thermal damage, or the product was not used for its intended purpose;

- when there are evident traces of impact, falling or other mechanical action on the product.

- on furniture that had visible defects at the time of purchase, which should be noticed by the consumer;

- damage to the product and its losses as a result of natural factors (fires, floods, earthquakes, accidents, etc.);

- if the furniture is damaged inside the product by foreign objects, liquids, animals, insects, if there are scratches and stains on the surface that have arisen as a result of careless and improper attitude during operation;

- damage to the product as a result of changes in its design;

- damage from natural wear and tear of the product itself or its parts and accessories.

2. Checking the completeness of the products 

To maintain the warranty obligation to the buyer in such a form as “There is absent element in the package”’ - the last must check the completeness of the fittings and the product itself within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase.


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