Furniture CMF Group are designed and manufactured in accordance with GOST 19917-93 "Furniture for sydenyya and lezhanyya. General specifications "GOST 16371-93" Furniture General specifications "ISO 4414: 2005" Furniture customized "using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.

The company carried out quality control at every stage of production. From the development, control of raw materials to the packaging of products - process is highly qualified specialists.

All materials and components (from wood to high-quality yarns) used for the production of furniture, are mandatory entrance control.

The customer can be sure of high quality products CMF Group.

  WARNING! ALL PURCHASED BOOKCASES look better for a long time, if carefully follow operating rules and recommendations for caring for them.


  1. Before the operation carefully read the following information:

  • A new product may have the characteristic smell of the materials used in the manufacture of furniture, which disappears after a while;
  • upholstery for long term use has the ability to stretch, to acquire a more intense shine. In the furniture may appear small local permanent seats, wrinkles appear, change soft fillers appear slight subsidence, not a defect in the manufacture of furniture;
  • When transporting the furniture may appear wrinkles. To correct form furniture acquired enough that they stood for some time at room temperature. Form ladders pillows recover if knock them hands;
  • Decoration materials (fabric, leather, artificial leather) may be different shades in different parts of the product due to the nature of the production process, color reproduction under different light sources, specific properties of the pile, and so on;
  • In finishing wooden elements possible slight differences in shades due to a feature of wood as anizotropnist (diversity properties in the direction along or across the grain).

  2. To prevent possible damage furniture must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Furniture for sitting and lying be operated in closed rooms under normal conditions - temperature not lower than 10 C and not higher than 35 C, with relative humidity from 45% to 70%;
  • furniture can not be placed next to damp walls and in damp spaces;
  • Furniture should be located no closer than 0.5 m from heat;
  • Moving furniture should be slightly lifting them off the floor without holding on upholstery, cushion or sidewall;
  • Do not place furniture in direct sunlight areas - this leads to a partial loss of color upholstery;
  • Do not highly concentrated loads on soft furniture elements that can lead to significant tension upholstery or break it along the seam;
  • Do not sit on the back and sides - overload can damage furniture or design to significant deformation fillers;
  • Avoid high temperatures and various solvents on varnished surfaces coated
  • From time to time it is necessary to check bolt and screw used in the design of furniture, if necessary, tighten them;
  • Do not put furniture on sharp objects that can damage children's pranks obbyvkyIntensyvni (jumping) on ​​furniture leads to rapid deterioration of product performance;
  • Not recommended doukomplektovuvaty finished products due to possible incomplete compliance upholstery colors and decor that is independent of the products;
  • is not recommended to move the models in angle configuration after joining angle sections;
  • Furniture, transformed intended use (sit or lie down) is possible only when they are in extreme fixed (folded or unfolded) position.

  3. General guidelines for the care of furnishings:

  • It is recommended to clean the furniture with a soft brush extractor, thus you remove dust accumulation and will prevent smudges and stains after wet processing;
  • decorative parts of furniture, wood and laminated chipboard recommended to periodically wipe dry with a soft clean sponge;
  • Remember to remove fresh stains better than spots, traces of which penetrated deeply into the structure of the fabric;
  • Do not clean lacquer surfaces abrasive pastes and powders and chemically aggressive fluids;
  • Always read the instructions of any tool for care of furniture before using;
  • Do not use cleaners that contain potent chemicals, a large concentration of alcohol and solvents based on petroleum;
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning and scraping tools;
  • Do not use different cleaners simultaneously;
  • Do not use bleach.


  1. General

  • Guarantee products made by the manufacturer under the conditions and within the terms defined by the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and this guarantee coupon, only if the settlement document prescribed form and correctly filled warranty card, which indicated: product, model, date of sale, the Seller's stamp and signature of authorized person and provided proper operation according to the requirements set out in this warranty card.
  • The manufacturer guarantees free removal manufacturing defects caused by poor quality of raw materials or violation of manufacturing technology.
  • If you find any defects in the product, customers should contact the Seller's representatives at the place of purchase of the product.
  • Claims regarding the quality of the product that is on warranty service, will be considered only upon presentation of product defects, settlement document prescribed form and the guarantee card on a product with the required marks.
  • To warranty includes repair or replacement (if repair is not possible) defective parts, machinery and substandard materials that have manufacturing defects and related warranty.

Warranty repair is done in terms of identifying the law. In the absence of the company materials needed for repair, its term may be extended for up delivery of materials supplier, with terms previously agreed with the Buyer.

When performing warranty repair warranty period lasts only for the time spent in product repair.

  Warning! To repair products are made only in pure form.

  2. The warranty period

  • In the furniture manufacturer, the following warranty terms:
  • 18 months for furniture, operated in a residential area;
  • 12 months for furniture, operated in public places;
  • Countdown warranty period for the aforementioned obligations beginning on the date of purchase of the product Buyer, which is fixed on the warranty card product certified by the stamp of the Seller and signed by the buyer and seller.

  3. Terms of failure in the performance of warranty

The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse warranty and classify it as paid in the following cases:

  • If the furniture is not present or warranty card settlement document prescribed form;
  • In the absence of the warranty card sales date, certified by the signature and seal of the seller or manufacturer;
  • Furniture defects due to the fault of the consumer, due to damage from loads exceeding the established norms;
  • In the furniture which had defects visible at the time of purchase, which must be labeled consumer; - If the defects resulting from a violation of a consumer operating rules and guidelines for care;
  • If the furniture has mechanical damage caused during improper use, transport, repair that was made by any person who is not related to the enterprise manufacturer;
  • Damage to the product and its losses due to natural factors (fire, flood, earthquake, accident, etc.);
  • If furniture are damaged inside the product by foreign objects, liquids, animals, insects, have to surface scratches and stains caused by careless attitude and improper care during the operation;
  • If the furniture is not used in accordance with the instructions for assembly and maintenance;
  • If the product is damaged as a result of targeted consumers or error;
  • product damage as a result of changes in its structure;
  • Damage to natural wear and tear of the product or its parts and accessories.

Shelf life of furniture is unlimited.

  Warning! Claims for pollution as a result of the operation will not be accepted.