Furniture CMF Group designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the GUEST 19917-93 “Furniture for sitting and lying. General technical characteristics. 

GUEST 16371-93 “Furniture general specifications.’’ DMITR  4414:2005 “Furniture for individual order” using high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

The company carries out quality control at all stages of production. From the development, control of materials and materials to the packaging of products-the process is carried out by highly qualified specialists.

All materials and components (from high-quality wood to yarns) used for furniture production are subject to mandatory entrance control.

The customer can be sure of the high quality of the CMF Group products.

WARNING! All furniture purchased looks better for a long time, if you carefully follow the rules of use and recommendations for care.

Operating rules.

1. Before using, carefully read the following information:

  • The new product may have a characteristic smell of materials used in furniture, which disappears after a while;

  • The furniture upholstery during prolonged use has the ability to stretch out,  gain more intense shine. On the furniture, small local seats of the permanent seat may appear, the flexibility of the fillers varies, minor sinking appears, which is not a defect in the furniture at the time  of manufacture;

  • Finishing materials( fabric, leather, artificial leather) may differ in shades on different parts of the product due to the peculiarities of the production process, the transfer of colors under various light sources ,peculiar properties of the pile, and so on;

  • In the finishing wooden elements, a slight difference in shades is possible due to a particular feature of the wood, such as anisotropy(a variety of properties in the direction along or across the fibers).

2. In order to prevent possible damage to furniture, the following conditions must be observed:

  • The furniture for sitting and lying should be operated in indoor environments under normal conditions-a temperature of not less than +10 C in no higher than +35 C with a relative humidity of from 45% to 70%;

  • Furniture can not be located near wet walls and in wet rooms;

  • Furniture should be located not closer than 0.5 m from the source of heat;

  • Moving the furniture should be carried out, lifting them a little above the floor, without holding on to the upholstery, sidewall or pillow;

  • Do not place furniture in direct sunlight-this results in a partial loss of upholstery color;

  • Do not make strong concentrated loads on soft furniture elements, which can lead to a significant stretching of the upholstery or tearing it off the seam;

  • Do not sit on backs and sidewalls-overloading can damage the furniture design for significant deformation of fillers;

  • Avoid the effects of high temperatures and various solvents on varnished surfaces with coating;

  • From time to time, it is necessary to check the bolt and screw connections used in the construction of furniture, if necessary, pull them up;

  • Do not place sharp objects on the upholstered furniture, which can damage the upholstery;

  • It is not recommended to complete the finished products due to possible incompatibility of the shades of upholstery and décor, which does not depend on the products;

  • Convertible furniture can be used by appointment (sitting or lying) only when it is in an extremely fixed (folded or unfolded) position;

 3. General guidelines for furniture care:

  • It is advisable to clean the furniture with a soft brush with a dust-soak, thereby removing dust accumulation and preventing the occurrence of stains and splints after wet processing;

  • Decorative pieces of furniture made of wood and laminated chipboard is recommended to be periodically wiped with a dry soft sponge;

  • Remember: to remove fresh spots rather than spots, which should be deeply penetrated into the structure of cloth;

  • Do not use abrasive paste and powders as well as chemically aggressive liquids to clean the varnish surfaces;

  • Always read carefully the instructions for any furniture care before use;

  • Do not use cleaning products containing potent chemicals, high concentrations of alcohol and solvet based on petroleum products;

  • Do not use abrasive and scraping tools to clean;

  • Do not use different cleaning agents at the same time;

  • Do not use bleach.


1. Terms:

  • Warranty service of the product is carried out by the Manufacturer on the terms and in the terms defined by the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Rights Protection and this warranty card only if there is a settlement document of the established form and a properly completed warranty card stating the name of the product model, the date of sale, is Seller’s stamp and signature of the authorized person, as well as on condition of proper operation in accordance with the requirements set out in this warranty certificate.

  • The manufacturer guarantees free removal of manufacturing defects caused by low quality of raw materials or violation of production technology;

  • In case of detecting any defects in the product, the Buyer must contact the representatives of the seller at the place of purchase of the product;

  • Claims regarding the quality of the product that is the warranty service will be considered only in the presence of product defects settlement form of the form and a warranty card for the product with the necessary markings;

  • The warranty includes repairs or replacement (if repairs are not possible) of faulty parts, mechanisms and poor-quality materials that have manufacturing defects and are subject to warranty repair;

  • Warranty repairs are carried out within the terms specified by the legislation. In case of absence of materials necessary for repairs, the term of the company may be increased for the period of delivery of the materials by the supplier, at the same time, the tare is pre-agreed with the Buyer;

  • When warranty repairs are carried out, the warranty period is extended only for the duration of the repair of the product;

2. Warranty period

The manufacturers of furniture are such warranty conditions:

  • 18 months for furniture operated in residential premises;

  • 12 months for furniture operated in public places;

  • The warranty period for the above-mentioned obligations starts from the date of purchase of the product by the Buyer, which is fixed in the guarantee voucher on product, is confirmed by the stamp of the seller and the signatures of the Buyer and the Seller.

3. Conditions for refusal to fulfill warranty obligations.

The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse warranty repairs and to classify it as a fee in the following cases:

  • If there is no warranty card on the furniture, or settlement document of the established form;

  • In the absence of the date of sale in the warranty certificate, certified by the signature and seal of the seller or manufacturer;

  • Furniture defects due to consumer error due to damage due to loads exceeding the established norms;

  • For products with visible defects at the time of purchase which should be noticed by the consumer;

  • If product defects have arisen as a result of violations of the rules of use and recommendations for care

  • If the product has mechanical damage that arose during unauthorized operation, transportation, repair, performed by any person not related to the manufacturer of the product;

  • Product damage and loss due to natural hazards (fire, flood, earthquake, accident, etc.);

  • If the product is damaged inside the product by foreign objects, liquid, animals, insects, scratches and stains that arose due to careless handling and inappropriate care during operation;

  • If the product was not used in accordance with the instructions for assembly and operation;

  • If the product is damaged due to user-focused actions;

  • Damage to the product due to changes in its design;

  • Damage to the natural wear of the product itself or its parts and accessories.

  • Shelf life of furniture is unlimited.

Caution! Claims for contamination resulting from the operation will not be accepted.